Congress: Protect School Nutrition!

Congress: Protect School Nutrition!

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Just last year, parents, students, and many school leaders celebrated as the U.S. Department of Agriculture updated nutrition standards for school lunches for the first time in 15 years, ensuring that students eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and fewer sugary foods that are high in fat or sodium. The vast majority of schools—90 percent—meet these requirements and serve healthy choices to millions of students every day.

Now, instead of helping the few struggling schools meet the healthier standards, Congress is considering backtracking on efforts to improve the health of the 31 million children who consume up to half their daily calories at school. If we don’t act, Congress may weaken these standards and take our kids back to eating pizza and french fries every day of the school week. Specifically, House and Senate members have said they plan to propose legislation that would allow schools to:

  • Exclude fruits and vegetables from meals.
  • Serve meals that are high in sodium and low in whole grains.
  • Sell unlimited amounts of foods full of sugar, fat, and salt as snacks and in a la carte lines.
  • Delay or prevent implementation of the Smart Snacks standards, which are set nutrition guidelines for foods and beverages sold outside school meal programs that took effect July 1.
Urge your member of Congress to protect our children’s health and fight pediatric obesity by maintaining strong nutrition standards for school foods.



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